Leon Blum: For All Mankind

Translated by Pickles, Left Book Club Edition, Victor Collancz LTD, 1946, original French title: "A l”Echelle Humaine" (1945)

* 1872, † 1950

Charge: Treason
Prison: Bourrasol, near Riom, France (Map)

The manuscript had been smuggled out of prison early in 1942 and preserved by faithful friends during the remaining two years of German occupation. Leon Blum writes in the Preface for the first German translation of the book:

"The first edition of this book appeared early in April, 1945, in Paris. It was preceded, as it is here, by an introduction by an old and dear friend, Bracke-Desrousseaux, who read the proofs and consented to present the work to the public on behalf of his absent friend. For I was, indeed, still absent, and doubly so; I was both a prisoner in and outside France. In the beginning of April, 1945, my wife and I had just left the Buchenwald concentration camp, in which we had been interned for two years. We were finally freed only at the beginning of May, after five weeks of wild wandering across the centre and south of the greater Reich. Yet it was not in a German prison that I wrote For all Mankind, but in one of my French prisons. I began it in Bourrasol, near Riom, in February 1941 and had almost finished it by July, when I learned of the murder of my friend Marx Dormoy. The emotions that the news aroused in me were so strong that they interrupted my work for long weeks. Then came my transfer from Bourrasol to the fortress of Pourtalet, the announcement of my coming appearance before the "Supreme Court" of Riom, work on my defence, return to Rionm, the trial itself. Finally it was almost the spring of 1942 before I could put the finishing touches to the last part....", p. 11

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