Teedie Cowie Woodcock: Behind the Sawali: Santo Tomas in Cartoons, 1942-45

Cenografix Greensboro, NC, 2000

* 1925, USA

Charge: Extra-territorial Internment
Prison: Santo Tomas Internment Camp, Manila, Philippines (Map)

Sawali is a tightly woven matting of split bamboo. The camp wall near the main gate was entirely covered in this to prevent communication between the internees and the civilians outside.

Part 1: January 1942; Santo Tomas,Manila, Philippines.
First Internees arrive (January 4th 1942); 400 civilians; mostly from the Malate District of Manila; After 25 months the Japanese military police take over administration entirely; the name cahges to Prison Camp No. 1.

Part 2: Camp scenes from 1943

Part 3: The Bleak Year, 1944

Original booklet was given as a present to her mother in December 1944 (see notes p 174)

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