Alexander Pushkin: Boris Godunov

or Comedy about Tsar Boris and Grishka Otrepiev, in 'The Uncensored Boris Godunov. The Case for Pushkin's Original Comedy, with Annotated Text and Translation.', Chester Dunning, The University of Wisconsin Press, London, 2006

* 1799, † 1837

Charge: Critical Political Writings
Prison: House Arrest (Map)

The purpose of this book is to rescue the original version of Alexander Pushkin's historical drama Boris Godunov from obscurity. Long ignored by specialits and virtually unknown to general readers, Pushkin's Comedy about Tsar Boris and Grishka Otrepiev was composed in 1824-25 while the "dangerously radical" poet was living in exile on his family's estate at Mikhailovskoe.

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