Lillian 'Anne' Yamauchi Hori: The Children of Topaz

Holiday House, New York, 1996

, † 1993

Charge: Japanese Ancestry "nikkei'
Prison: Topaz Interment Camp, Utah, USA (Map)

Classroom diary written by students, recorded by Yamauchi Hori; (p15-66)

1 year recorded:
First entry: March 8th, 1943
Last entry: August 12, 1943
It is not clear how long she was in the camp.

Feb 19 1942, following the Japaneese bombing of Pearl Harbour, President Rosevelt signs executive orders (9066) which establish military zones across the US. Many Japanese-Americans are displaced and forced to move to 'relocation' centres. (in 1941 there were about 125,000 of such people-so called Nikkei' living in the US) This segregation was complicated, as many Nikkei's had been lifetime residents (and patriots) if the US. However US suspicion and security prevailed and the forced relocation proceeded to include even Vetran from the First World War. Roosevelt announced the end of relocation in december 1944 but by the end of January 1945 there were still nearly six thousand people in Topaz, with its official closing date being October 31st 1945. (see pg 67 +)

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