St. Thomas More: Conscience Decides: Letters and Prayers from Prison

Geoffrey Chapman, London, 1971

* 1478, Milk Street, London, † 1535, London

Charge: Treason
Prison: Tower of London, England (Map)

More was the Chancellor of England under Henry VIII. He refused to recognize Henry's first divorce, refused to swear to the Act of Succession and the Oath of Supremacy and was subsequently imprisoned in the Tower of London. He was found guilty of treason and was beheaded a on July 6, 1535.

Another selection of these letters and prayers was first printed in 1557 By St. Thomas' nephew, William Rastell.

Letters from Prison: April 1534-July 1535

"I do earnestly pray to Almighty God that for his mercy sake he will bring us from this wretched and stormy world into his rest, where we shall need no letters, where no wall shall dissever us, where no porter shall keep us from talking together" p 97

Other prison writings by the author:

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