I was in Prison. Letters from German Pastors.

With a Preface by the Bishop of Liverpool, Edited by Dorothy F. Buxton, London 1939 (1938)

Charge: Critical Political Writings

This little book was printed n Germany for private circulation only. Nearly 20,000 copies went into circulation before the attention of the Secret Police was directed to it, and they arrived to confiscate the stock. Only some 20 copies, however, were still left. Happily one or two of the 20,000 copies fell into the hands of English travellers....

"[...] The letters reveal no sense of injustice, no complaint or protest against treatment which in this country has been so strongly condemned. And they are here published with no intention of inflaming public opinion again the Nazi regime. (We shall be wise to follo St. Peter's counsel and not to be busybodies in another nation's matters.) But they may well encourage English speaking Christians to share, and be their prayers to sustain, the spirit of those unnamed servant of Christ who, in Luther's words, are suffering reverently while with their Master they are numbered amongst the transgressors.", Albert Liverpool, Bishop of Liverpool, August 1938, in the Preface

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