Angela Davis: If They Come in the Morning. Voices of Resistance.

Angela Y. Davis, Ruchell Magee, the Soledad Brothers, and other political prisoners, Orbach and Chambers in association with The Angela Davis Defence Committee, London, 1971

* 1944, Birmingham, Alabama

Charge: Unlawful interstate flight to avoid persecution for murder and kidnapping
Prison: Marin County Jail (Map)

Davis fled California and evaded the police for over two months before being captured in New York City. While being held in the Women's Detention Center in New York City, she was initially segregated from the general population, but with the help of her legal team soon obtained a Federal court order to get out of the segregated area. Davis got on well with other inmates, and with the help of her outside supporters was able to initiate a bail program for indigent prisoners. Her own bail was posted by Rodger McAfee, a farmer from Caruthers, California. In 1972, eighteen months after her capture, she was tried and acquitted of all charges; the mere fact that she owned one of the guns used in the crime was not sufficient to establish her responsibility for the plot.

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