Invincible Spirit

Art and Poetry of Ukrainian Women. Political Prisoners in the U.S.S.R., Smoloskyp Publishers, 1977

Charge: Anti-Soviet Agitation
Prison: Dubrovlag labor camp No.3 near Barashevo, Ukraine, Soviet Union (Map)

The book collects poetry and excerpts from letters as well as miniature pieces of Ukrainian symbolic-decorative embroidery art.

[...] The embroidered artworks reproduced here were smuggled out of labour camp No.3 near the town Barashevo in the Mordovian A.S.S.R. and came to the West in a number of unusual ways. The poems of Iryna Senyk, Iryna Stasiv-Kalynets, and Stefaniya Shabatura, as well as copies of the open letters of protest and appeals written by women in the camps, circulated in the samvydav, the underground press in Urkaine, before reaching the West.

It has been impossible to attribute any particular piece of embroidery to any one individual. But we know the names of those Ukrainian women who were in camp No. 3 in Mordovia when these works were created. [...], p.8

The book is a collection of works by Ukrainian Woman, political prisoners. Most of them were arrested in 1971 or 1972. When the book was published, they were still imprisonned. Hence the 'time in prison' is calculated as 5 years for all of them.

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