Albie Sachs: The Jail Diary of Albie Sachs

Harvill Press Ltd, 1966

* 1933, Cape Town, South Africa

Albie Sachs, a young South African barrister, who has made a name for himself defending people prosecuted under the Apartheid Laws, was arrested on the 1st October, 1963, under the Ninety Days Law, which permits the detention of a person without charge for this period. On the 90th day he was freed, but only for a few minutes for, before he had left the police station, he was re-arrested and held for another 78 days, at which point he was released without any charge being brought against him.

During the 168 days of his imprisonment (the longest term that any white person has been detained under the Ninety Days Law) Albie Sachs was kept in solitary confinement, and this book is, above all, a study of the effect, upon an energetic and friendly young man, of being deprived of all human contact and rational occupation.

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