John Mitchel: Jail Journal: The classic diary of a great Irish patriot

Sphere Books Ltd, 1983 This edition is revised from the original edition reprinted from 'The citizen'- Mitchel'sw first New York newspaper- in which' Jail Journal' was originally published from 14 January 1854 to August 1854. First published in Ireland: M. H. Gill & Son, Ltd, 1913.

* 1815, Camnish, near Dungiven, Co Derry, † 1875, Dromalane, Newry, Co. Down

Charge: Perjury
Prison: Newgate Prison, Dublin, Ireland (Map)

"Success confers every right in this Enlightened Age; wherein, for the first time, it has come to be admitted and proclaimed in set terms, that Success is Right and Defeat is Wrong" p xvii

"All these reflections, inferences, and predictions, I give exactly as i wrote them down at the time. I stand to them all; though I know that many will say subsequent events have belied them. We shall yet see whether those subsequent events will not have events subsequent to them also, and belying them; the remotion of the negative is the position of the affirmative" (footnotes p.7)

"April 2nd, 1849- In my cell, 'Dromedary' Hulk- Yesterday ended ten months of my exile and captivity-ten months out of fourteen years leave one hundred and fifty eight months. What mortal can keep Despair and the Devil at bay so long? and all alone; 'lone as a corpse within its shroud'. p 104

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