Milorad Ulemek Legija: Juda. Roman o prijateljstvu.

Spina, Belgrade, 2006 (Judas, a novel about friedship)

* 1968, Belgrade, Yugoslavia

Charge: Murder
Prison: Central Prison, Belgrade (Map)

From inside cover:

"We were not superstitious, but we did not like to be wished "good luck" before going into action. It sounded so corny to us that we felt was as if someone had thrown a bucketfull of shit on us. That word was erased from the dictionary of our unit, when in ninety-eight, in one action, seven of our boys got killed. Before the start of the action, the then minister of police held a sort of speech and in the end said "good luck". We hated that word, because we knew that in this line of business there is no luck. "The bullet doesn't choose" was our motto. We trusted our ticker and our balls, both of which we had. And god, of course. We didn't care for anything else. Especially luck..."

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