Marquis de Sade: Les Infortunes de la Vertu

Chronologie et preface par Jean-Marie Goulemot, Garnier Flammarion, Paris, 1969

* 1740, Condé palace, Paris, † 1814, Insane asylum at Charenton, Paris

Charge: Offence to the Public Morals
Prison: Bastille, Paris (Map)

De Sade's cell in the Bastille, was on the second floor of Liberty Tower. When Sade was imprisoned in the Bastille, Liberty Tower consisted of two dungeon cells, six rooms one above the other and a circle of narrow cells. Sade's room, on the second floor, like the one below it and the four above, was some fifteen feet in diameter and about eighteen feet high. (see: 'Chronology' in 'Justine, Philosophy in the Bedroom, & Other Writings', Grove Press, 1990 (1965), p.98)

Other prison writings by the author:

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