Mikhail Khorev: Letters from a Soviet Prison Camp

Monarch Publications, London, 1988 (1986)

* 1931, Leningrad, Soviet Union

Charge: Disemination of deliberately falsified information
Prison: Strict regime penal camp, Omsk, Soviet Union (Map)

From the First Letter dated 28th January 1980: "Sunday. I knew that within a few days I would be taken to the Kresty prison in Leningrad. I waited for this moment with an almost holy reverence. No doubt you will ask why. When my father was forty-eight yearsold he too was arrested for his service of God and brought to this same prison. At that time I was seven years old. Now I myself had become a father and was following the way he had gone through these same prisons, perhaps even through the same cells.", p. 82

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