Richard Lovelace: Lucasta

Kessinger Publishing, 2008

* 1618, Woollidge, Kent, England, † 1657, Gunpowder Alley, near shoe Lane, London

Charge: Treason
Prison: Peterhouse, London (Map)

First Imprisonment: 1642; Delivered the Kentish petition to the house of commons, for the restoring of of the king to his rights, and for settling the government (p10); committed to the Gatehouse at Westminster; writes song 'To Althea. From Prison': 'Stone walls do not a prison make, nor iron bars a cage.'; two months imprisonment; released on bail.

Second Imprisonment: 1648; Peter House, Aldersgate, London; compiles 'Lucasta: Epodes, odes, sonnets, songs' and writes 'Aramantha' (p87), "To Lucasta from prison' (p72).; set free after the murder of King Charles I; six months imprisonment.

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