Milorad Ulemek Legija: Momci Iz Brazilia

Spina, Belgrade, 1006 (Boys from Brazil)

* 1968, Belgrade, Yugoslavia

Charge: Murder
Prison: Central Prison, Belgrade (Map)

Ulemek's second novel

Momci iz Brazila (Boys from Brazil) is a collection of SHORT STORIES, written in the first person whose protagonists are variously: a commander of a special unit of State Security at war in Kosovo, a young man from Krajina whose fortunes take him into a saboteur unit, a volunteer from Serbia at war in Bosnia, a young colonel of the Yugoslav National Army who falls into a muslim ambush...

Excerpts translated by Rasko Novakovic:
"The war in Bosnia started. History was repeating itself for the nth time
and once again everything was the same only the time was different but the
participants were the same. Serbs! Serbs who became turcisized, Serbs who
were their neighbours and us Serbs from the motherland. Again the same:
brother against brother. The reason? I don't know, so god strike me down.
Some say, it's because Celo killed the serbian wedding guest, some that it's
because Arkan entered Bijeljina, some because they want to break apart. And
some that it's because... And I say, what can I say, it's because we are
damned and because we constantly studied inverted history. Because we didn't
realise that history is not studied, but that one learns from it."

"It was strange this war. Us Serbs, the heavenly people, alone against the
whole world."

Other prison writings by the author:

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