Jacek Kuron, Karol Modzelewski: A Revolutionary Socialist Manifesto. An Open Letter To The Party.

Written in a Polish Prison., An International Socialism Publication, London, 1968 (?)

Charge: Anti-Communist Agitation
Prison: Warsaw, Poland (Map)

[...] Karol Modzelewski is at present serving a three and a half year sentence in Barczewo Prison, near Olsztyn, and Jacek Kuron a three year on ein Potulice Prison near Naklo. Their "crime"? Producing this document.

[...] The production of the work itself was disrupted by police harassment. In its first form, as an incomplete 12 page manuscript, it was confiscated during a police raid on one of the authors' apartment. These were released after two days in prison, but then expelled from the Communist Party, in November, 1964. The present document was produced as a response to false allegations and misquotations by the authorities. It takes the form of an open letter to fellow members of their party cell. The authors were rearrested and brought, in chains, to trial in July 1965. In court they defended what they had written, and when judgement was announced joined with a section of the court audience in singing The Internationale.[...], quoted from publishers introduction by Chris Harman

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