Poems From Guantanamo. The Detainees Speak

edited by Mark Falkoff, University of Iowa Press, Iowa City, 2007

Charge: Suspected Terrorism
Prison: Guantanamo Bay, Cuba (Map)

"The twenty-two poems in this volume were written by men held in the United States military detention center in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Like all the prisoners in Guantanamo, the poets are Muslim. A number have been released to their home countries but most are enduring their sixth year of captivity in near-total isolation, imprisoned without charge, trial, or the most fundamental protections of the Geneva Conventions. Their poems, all written "inside the wire," were composed with little expectation of ever reaching an audience beyond a small circle of their fellow prisoners. But now that the poems have been classified and collected, they offer the world a unique opportunity to hear directly from the detainees themselves about their time in America's notorious prison camp." [...], quoted from Introduction by Mark Falkoff "Notes on Guantanamo", p.1

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Introduction by Mark Falkoff "Notes on Guantanamo"
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