Prison Etiquette: The Convict's Compendium of Useful information

Southern Illinois University Press; 2001

Charge: Extreme Pacifist/Conscientious objector

Edited by Holley Cantine and Dachine Rainer; written by Inmates.

Originally published by Retort Press; 1950

Also published in another edition in 2000

Some illustrations included.

The 15 writers in this book were imprisoned due to belonging to the extreme pacifist minority who resisted US conscription in World War II. Sentences ranged from one to five years in various institutions from penitentiaries to road camps. Some people were sentenced twice. The book serves as a type of manual for those who may go to prison or more generally as a document of resistance.

"We all- much as we may hate to admit it- have a foot in both camps. Each one of us is an individual. each one of us has a measure of responsibility for the existing machinery of the law-making and law-enforcing state. We may imagine that the relation between our indivual and social selves is stabilized, permenantly adjusted. It is not. It cannot be. It ought not be." (xxx)

Prison conditions: no privacy alternating with relative or absolute isolation; resulting in infantile egocentricity calculated to produce a docile Prison population that is largely incapable of organizing resistance. (see xxxvii)

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