Tamsin Fitzgerald: The Prison Letters of Tamsin Fitzgerald

edited by Richard A. Condon, Hodder and Stoughton, London, 1973

* 1951

Charge: Hijacking a plane to Cuba
Prison: Alderson Federal Penitentiary in West Virginia (Map)

From the book cover:

Tamsin could'nt get much out of school and had a pretty shaky family life - until she met Michael and fell in lover. on February 4th 1969 they decided to hijack a plane to Cubo so that Michael could avoid the draft: 'Canada', they said, 'is too cold.' Their plan was clever, their weapons sophisticated; they aimed to intimidate the crew with a kitchen knife and a frightening-looking tin of insecticide. Tamsin also took along her flute.
The hijacking failed and the two were arrested. Tamsin was sent to Alderson Federal Penitentiary in West Virginia, from where she wrote a diary and a series of letters to friends. This book is made up of her story interlinked with letters and diary extracts which together give a picture of the life of other inmates, and also the heart and mind of an extraordinary and sensitive young girl. The book is tender and moving, full of life....

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