Hugo Grotius: The rights of war and peace

* 1583, † 1645

Prison: Fortress of Loevestein (Map)

Rigorously treaed at first, his docility and resignation soon won the respect and affection of his keepers. Writing materials and books were in time accorded him and finally, on condition that she would continue to share his captivity, he was granted the presence of his wife. The studious prisoner and his devoted companion completely disarmed all suspicion of an intention to escape, and the ponderous chest in which books came and went continued to bring periodic consolation to the mind of the body scholar. A treatise on the truth of the Christian religion, a catechism for the use of his children, a digest of Dutch law, and other compositions served to occupy and alleviate the weary months of confinement, until one day the times seemed opportune Madame Grotius secretly enclosed her husband in the great chest and it was borne away by two soldiers.

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