Rosa Luxemburg: Letters from Prison

Translated from the German by Eden and Cedar Paul, The Socialist Book Centre, 1946 (1921 German edition)

* 1870, Zamość, Russia-Poland, † 1919, Berlin, Germany

Charge: Critical Political Writings
Prison: Breslau (Map)

All the letters in this collection were written to Sophie Liebknecht, wife of Karl Liebknecht, during 1916-18; i.e., during the latter half of the First Great War. 'Sonya,' 'Sonichka,' and 'Sonyushka' are varying forms of Rosa's pet name for Mrs. Liebknecht.

A postcard from Leipzig Prison, July 7, 1916
A Letter from Berlin (the prison in Barnimstrasse), August 5, 1916
Letters from Wronke, August 24, 1916-July 20, 1917
Letters from Breslau, August 2, 1917 - October 18, 1918

Other Prison Letters by the Author:

To Julian Marchlewski (July - August)
To Stefan Bratman-Brodowski (September)
To Julian Marchlewski (September)
To Adolf Warski (November - December)
To Vladimir Ilyich Lenin (December)

Other prison writings by the author:

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